Utilised opportunities

Corpi has already assisted a host of companies in utilising their opportunities. An optimal final result can be achieved by setting the goals together and ensuring commitment to the development.

ISS Palvelut Oy


Combining technologies and services to offer a seamless service experience for the users of a business park.

Concrete actions:

Designing the business park service portfolio and technologies, as well as developing the service experience.

Final results:

A service description and service architecture for the business park, and Service Blueprints (service path descriptions) for the key service entities.

Corpi Oy’s expertise was of great use in linking the service portfolio and systems to create a functional whole.

Pekka Mattila, Director, Real Estate

Aalto University Properties Ltd


Utilising tacit knowledge of company management and personnel in developing the business.

Concrete actions:

Arranging business development workshops with the management and personnel with the help of an electronic brainstorming tool.

Final results:

Creating a development plan together with the management and personnel to improve the business.

An interesting method of brainstorming that neatly documented the results.

Satu Kankaala, Environment and Development Manager

Eurosec Oy


Improving the international business of a company that manufactures queue management products with the help of distributor partners.

Concrete actions:

Planning a globalisation strategy and international business. Creating a distributor network in selected countries.

Final results:

A globalisation project plan as well as country-specific surveys and analyses. Creating a schedule for the globalisation project, implementing the project and agile project management with the Atlassian JIRA tool.

Corpi was extremely helpful from the very beginning of the project. We are very pleased with the way Corpi handled project coordination and took into account many details that we had not noticed.

Fred Westerholm,
Chairman of the Board

Corpi catalyses new opportunities

Corpi assists its customer companies in utilising the opportunities offered by the digital world, the mobile world, technologies and customer-centred design in their products and services. Corpi can assist in turning challenges into opportunities and the impossible into the possible.