You know your business best.
We know the opportunities offered by digitalization.
What can happen if we unite our competences?

a designer of digital business

Map out
the possibilities

What opportunities do modern, lean and customer-centred digital services offer to our business?

How can we enhance, save, and grow our operations significantly through Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics?

What new markets can we capture and how can we serve our current customers in a better way?

Identify the change

Is our current business model also in a good state of health in the digitalising world?

Does our working culture and organisation support new business models?

Does our current way of management and competence match the demands of a new working culture?

the benefits

Are we ready to experience the development guided by customer-centred design and agile projects?

How will digitalisation change us, as well as our products and services? We will soon see this in a concrete sense.

We have made a decision. We don’t want to be left behind. We’re ready to create new success factors!

Corpi Oy’s expertise was of great use in linking the service portfolio and systems to create a functional whole.

Pekka Mattila, Director, Real Estate
ISS Services Oy

An interesting method of brainstorming that neatly documented the results.

Satu Kankaala, Manager
Aalto University Properties Ltd

We are very pleased with the way Corpi handled project coordination and took into account many details that we had not noticed.

Fred Westerholm, Chairman
Eurosec Oy

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